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Hood Cleaning

Certified kitchen exhaust hood cleaning for any size cooking operation.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen equipment deep cleaning & maintenance for your cooking equipment.

Pressure Washing

Residential & commercial pressure washing & pressure cleaning services for any type of surface.

Dry Duct Cleaning

Dry duct cleaning for hotels, offices, buildings with forced air duct systems.

COVID-19 Sterilization

Virus sterilization with state of the art electrostatic methods that are safe & effective.

Other Service?

Need something else done?  Just ask us.

Save BIG with a single restaurant cleaning provider.

Pac West Pros can make your kitchen cleaning easy by providing all the services necessary to get your kitchen clean. We can clean your kitchen hood  exhaust system, deep clean all your valuable appliances and kitchen equipment, and leave your kitchen sparkling clean. 

Rooftop Grease Containment

Your rooftop grease containment unit is an often-overlooked part of exhaust cleaning. This typically requires another vendor to replace any oilabsorbing material and dispose of old oil and grease. However, Pac West Pros can deal with this and all other cleaning and servicing of your kitchen and exhaust cleaning, so you can use a single vendor for all your needs. 

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

Access to fan components is critical for servicing and cleaning your kitchen exhaust system. Hinge kits give access to critical fan components allowing regular cleaning and servicing without disassembling parts. This can save you money in both labor and risk of damage from disassembly and poor maintenance. 

Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement

Your exhaust fan belt needs regular inspection and replacement to avoid poor performance or worse. Without a functioning fan belt, your kitchen exhaust will not function. 

Access Panel Installation

Access panels are what allow us to clean the interior of your exhaust system. Without proper access panels, we cannot clean the interior of your exhaust quickly or adequately. 

Baffle Filter Replacement

Baffle filters are what block kitchen fires from spreading into the exhaust system in the first place. This first line of defense is critical. If they are damaged or dirty, they are a fire risk and need to be replaced.

Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Your kitchen ceiling tiles are exposed to a great deal of smoke and steam, leaving them looking dingy. Pac West Pros can offer professional cleaning as a cost-effective alternative to expensive ceiling replacements. 

Professional services for all types of commercial kitchens.

Pac West Pros can help you clean and maintain safety standards in any commercial kitchen. It does not matter who runs it. Iits a kitchen, we can help.  


Here at Pac West Pros, we offer full-service restaurant cleaning services to keep your entire facility clean and safe. No matter the size of your restaurant, from the smallest stall to the largest fine dining establishments, we can clean it and keep your staff and customers safe and happy. 

Food Trucks

Pac West Pros can clean your food trucks, too! Your food truck still has a kitchen exhaust system that needs regular cleaning and maintenance. And we can clean the entire kitchen as well as offer a power wash of the vehicle’s exterior. 


Hotels are no exception to our cleaning services. Whether your hotel kitchens exhaust systems need inspection or your kitchen needs a deep clean, we can help. 

Government Facilities & Airports

Government facilities, including airports, agencies, and correctional facilities, possess commercial kitchens that need a good cleaning, and we are experienced and ready to help. 

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities possess commercial kitchens that are busy during all business hours, but this won’t stop us. We can work with you to schedule daily cleanings on your schedule. This could be after hours, during school holidays, or on weekends. 

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Pac West Pros specializes in degreasing and cleaning your kitchen exhausts, but hospitals and nursing homes are concerned with leaving everything in the facility spotless. We guarantee that we will leave everything on our way, from floor to roof, just as clean as we found it. 

Schedule a Cleaning Service Anytime.

We offer free estimates for all of our cleaning services, whether it is for one time or regular services. 

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