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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

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Before Service

Before we clean your kitchen equipment, our service staff will take off all removable components such as belts, glass panes, baskets, and insulated panels. Then, we will clean everything, including exhaust systems.  

After Service

After cleaning, we will reassemble and test equipment before giving the exterior a thorough final cleaning and polish. 

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services for Honolulu & Oahu.

A commercial kitchen produces enormous amounts of difficult to clean grease. This grease is tracked throughout the building by both cooking and serving staff. Excess grease can lead to poor sanitation and a risk of accidents. Not only can this lead to lost business, but potential liability for slipping accidents. However, removing grease is a job for industrial strength cleaning equipment and trained staff. 

At any commercial kitchen, it is necessary to perform nightly cleaning and degreasing to prevent accidents and keep a clean, sanitary environment. This includes all food preparation areas, floors, restrooms, and any other regularly used areas of your building. This will keep your customers and employees safe and happy. 

Pac West Pros uses modern disinfecting equipment and cleaning techniques to completely clean and sanitize your commercial kitchen. At Pac West Pros, we do this without harsh, environmentally harmful cleaners to provide a safer environment for your staff and customers. 

Whether or not it is providing detailed cleaning to ceiling surfaces, cleaning surfaces, or cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen equipment inside and out, Pac West Pros has you covered. We can clean it all, and once we are done, we will check everything to make sure it is up to our Pac West Pros clean kitchen guarantee. 

Commercial Ovens

Your oven is not only one of the most essential parts of your kitchen, but also one of the most difficult and yet important to clean. Dirty ovens smoke and leave particles in food, causing discomfort to staff and leaving flavor problems in food. Our service staff is trained to use safe, powerful cleaners for a deep clean on both gas and electric ovens. 

Convection Ovens

For convection ovens, our service staff will not only provide our same deep cleaning service as for a regular oven, we will also clean your convection ovens intake fan and inspect its hinges. Then, we can immediately let you know if there are any issues. 

Deep Fryers

Regular inspection of deep fryers is vital for safety and their continued functionality. Our service technicians will schedule a cleaning every few months to drain the old oil from your deep fryer. Then, we will give it an intense cleaning of both the vat and heating components.  

Charbroilers & Grills

Metal cooking surfaces can build up food particles, grease, and fat, as well as suffer from carbonization. This can not only change food flavors but also lead to inefficient heat transfer. If regular cleaning isnt enough, our service staff will use commercial degreaser to restore them. We will also empty and clean deflectors and crumb trays. 


Similar to grills, without regular scrubbing, griddles will accumulate grease and begin to gradually carbonize it until it is nearly impossible to scrub off. Our service staff will use commercial cleaning agents to perform deep cleaning. If this does not work, we will re-season the surface to restore it. 

Warming & Holding Equipment

Warming and holding equipment does not build up as much grease and grime as regular cooking equipment. Still, it also needs more careful sanitizing due to its low heat. Our service staff will clean and sanitize all removable components as well as the interior and exterior of the equipment.  

Gas & Electric Ranges

Ranges collect a lot of grease and food debris on both the surface and in grease traps. If these arent adequately cleaned, its not only unsanitary but also a fire risk. Our service staff will use commercial cleaning agents to remove hardened grease and scrub it all down to clean everything. Afterward, we will check your kitchen vents to make sure they are working correctly and perform necessary maintenance 

Commercial Range Hoods

Range hoods see some of the most challenging cooking kitchens can throw at them. Smoke and grease splatters leave buildup that requires a thorough cleaning. Our service staff will protect the stove and then clean and inspect the filter, hood surface, and fan. If necessary, degreaser will be applied, and the filter replaced. 

Commercial Toasters

Commercial toasters see a lot of crumbs in both crumb trays, collector pans, and every nook and cranny. These will smoke and potentially start fires if not properly cleaned. Our service staff will work through the whole machine and clean all of these as well as the toast loader ramp. Finally, we will inspect the ventilation system and clean it appropriately.  

Rotisserie Ovens

Rotisserie ovens use rotating spits to cook meat, and these allow grease to drip onto the floor of the range and throughout the machinery. Our service staff is trained to clean not only the floor of the oven but also the spit and rotors of grease and debris. 

Waffle & Crepe Machines

Our service staff can scrub and sanitize the cooking plate, housing, and handles to remove the stuckon batter. 

Other Areas

We dont stop there; other areas we can clean include: 

  • Faucets and Sprayers 
  • Sinks 
  • Undercounter Warewashing 
  • Disposers and Grease Traps 
  • Matting and Treads 
  • Commercial Dishwashers 
  • Distables 
  • Dish and Glass Racks 
  • Hot Food Tables 
  • Commercial Steamers 
  • Refrigerators 
  • Equipment Stands and Filler Tables 

Schedule a Cleaning Service Anytime

Pac West Pros offers free estimates for all our cleaning services.  We know you’re busy.  We work with you to schedule the estimate and the work at a time that’s best for you. 

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